Tips For Transforming Your Attic Into A Livable Space

For many homeowners, their attic is where they store Christmas decorations and old children's toys. If you are considering converting your attic from a large storage room into a space you can enjoy with friends and family, then keep reading. Here are a few simple tips to help you transform your underutilized attic into a livable, enjoyable space. 

Make Sure Your Attic Is Up to Your Local Building Codes

Each municipality has a set of strict building codes that homeowners must follow. For example, depending upon where you live, the ceiling will need to be a certain height, there must be a certain amount of square footage, a window that can be used as an escape route, and the attic must have a permanent way to enter or exit, such as a staircase or a ladder.

If your attic does not meet these building requirements, you must determine if when you factor in the potential return on investment, the cost of upgrades to satisfy building codes, and the cost of upgrades to make the space livable is worth the money.

Upgrade the Wiring, Heating, and Air Conditioning

Typically, if the attic was used strictly for storage or was completely unused space, there will be several basic upgrades needed to make the attic comfortable. These include upgrading the wiring to support new lighting and electronics and upgrading the heating and air conditioning.

For some homeowners, it makes sense to reconfigure the existing HVAC to include the attic. However, for others, it is more financially feasible to install a small heater or window air conditioner in the attic instead. A contractor can help you make the decision that is best for your home's layout and your budget.

Add New Flooring

One of the most important aspects of upgrading an attic into a livable space is the flooring. Often, the subflooring requires more support to handle the additional weight of furniture and other decorative items. However, you also need to remember that because there will be more activity in your attic, you also need to dampen the noise of stomping feet and excited children.

There are specialized soundproofing materials that can be installed under the flooring to dampen any noise coming from the attic. Additionally, installing carpeting is a more cost-effective option that will also lessen any noise coming from the attic.

From making sure the attic is up to code to adding some new flooring, there are several considerations to keep in mind when upgrading your attic.

Contact a local home improvement service, such as Valu Home Centers, to learn more. 

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