Why Use A Resin Above-Ground Pool Frame?

If you want to install an above-ground pool, then you have to choose a frame material. While steel is a popular option, you should also consider resin frames. Resin has some advantages over steel here, including the following.

No Rust Or Corrosion

Steel above-ground pool frames can suffer from rust and corrosion. If your steel doesn't have any protective treatments, then its close contact with your pool water will degrade the metal pretty fast.

Keep in mind that rust isn't just ugly, it's also a sign that the metal will fail if corrosion spreads through it. Even if you buy treated steel, it might still start to suffer from corrosion problems over the years. Your frame might not last as long as you expect it to.

Resin above-ground pool frames are made from plastic polymers. These plastics don't corrode and they don't rust. Your pool will last longer if its frame stays strong and intact.

Less Wear And Tear Damage

The more you use your pool, the more you stress its frame. Regular pressure points can damage some metals.

For example, if you buy a metal-framed pool, and your kids like to stand on the top rail to jump in the water, then you might notice that the rail starts to bend out of shape. It might warp. If the damage gets bad enough, it could break.

Steel rails aren't usually strong enough to cope with excess weight and stress here. They might not be able to carry the weight of people climbing up them or using them as a diving board. Plus, they are more likely to get dented if something hard hits them.

Resin frames are more robust. They shouldn't warp, dent, lose shape, or break. No matter how much of a hard time your kids give the frame, it should stay intact.

Better Heat Management

If you use a steel frame for your pool, then you might run into problems when the weather is hot. The steel will heat up; sometimes, it will get too hot to comfortably touch. You might not be able to use rails to hold on to as you get in and out of the water. If you don't have this support, then you're more likely to have an accident.

Resin frames don't absorb and hold the sun's heat to the same extent. They might get warm, but they shouldn't get too hot to touch. You won't have to worry about using them.

To find out more about resin frames and their benefits, contact an above-ground pool frame supplier such as The Pool Store.

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