Things Your Technician Will Do During A Septic Tank Inspection Procedure

One thing you should prioritize if you have a wastewater treatment unit is scheduled inspections and regular pumping. These septic tank maintenance procedures ensure that the tank functions optimally for longer. Most property owners invest in septic tank pumping but overlook the inspection. Septic tank inspection services make it easy to identify any problems in advance. This post will outline what happens during this vital maintenance procedure to help you understand why septic tank inspection is essential.

They Locate the Tank

The first thing a skilled inspector will do is to identify where the tank is. So, provide the original permit, as it comes with a map that shows the exact location of the septic tank. If you don't have it, the technician will use equipment like a retrievable radio transmitter or ground probe rod.

They Raise the Cover

Now that the tank has been located, the technician will inspect the tank's lid. The objective is to ensure it's tight, the seal is secure, and still in good condition. Having a loose or missing cover will be a potential danger to the animals and people on the property, which should be avoided.

They Inspect the Tank's Structure

Your septic tank is meant to accommodate the bacterial action that facilitates sewage breakdown into floating scum, clarified effluent, and settled sludge. If the structural integrity of the septic tank is compromised, then there will be severe implications. So, repairs must be done so the wastewater is treated correctly. If the tank's structure is failing due to old age, then the inspector will determine how long you can use it before getting a replacement. They might pump the tank to perform a thorough visual inspection.

They Identify Leakages

A leaking septic tank can discharge wastewater everywhere, causing the contamination of groundwater and the surface. It also minimizes the separation time that the system requires to discharge clear water into the drain field. The technician needs to perform tests to verify if the tank is watertight using methods like hydrostatic or vacuum testing.

They Inspect Baffles

Septic tanks have regulatory valves or baffles at the outlet and inlet. The inlet valve regulates the wastewater flow rate into the tank and ensures the solid substances get to the tank and settle. The outlet baffle ensures the solid waste doesn't get to the drain field. The inspector will check each baffle to ensure they function effectively. If the baffles are worn out or corroded, they will be replaced. The level of sludge is also checked to determine if it's time to pump the tank.

Clearly, inspectors who offer septic tank inspection services do a lot to ensure the wastewater treatment system functions well. Therefore, invest in this service as often as needed.

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