3 Mistakes Homeowners Often Make When Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can really transform the appearance of a home, as long as you are familiar with how to properly maintain these types of floors. Hardwood flooring requires very meticulous upkeep, and in many cases, it is best to hire this type of cleaning and maintenance out to a professional cleaning service in your area. There are many errors that homeowners tend to make when it comes to maintaining hardwood floors, and here are three of them.

Using Water to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Water can be used for a variety of floor cleaning duties, but water can be particularly damaging to your hardwood flooring and should be avoided at all costs. The water can seep in between the floorboard crevices, allowing moisture to accumulate and eventually cause the hardwood to warp and then separate. This moisture also creates the perfect environment for mold growth. Rather than mopping your flooring with water, make sure that you use wood-friendly cleaning products.

Allowing Spills and Other Messes to Sit on the Floors

While it is virtually impossible to avoid spilling a drink or making a mess, you can make sure that you address spills and messes as soon as possible after they occur to prevent serious damage to your hardwood flooring. The longer that the mess remains on the flooring, the worse that the damage will be. Therefore, make sure to wipe up any messes immediately using an absorbent cloth and then use a clean towel to pat the flooring dry. Don't use abrasive clothes, as these can scratch the floors and cause further damage.

Failing to Clean Up Dirt and Debris from the Hardwood Floors

When dirt, dust, and other debris accumulates on your hardwood floors, it can cause the shiny surface to dull in appearance. To prevent this from happening, regularly sweep or vacuum your floors. Deep cleaning duties can be left to the professionals. If you vacuum, make sure that the rotator brush is turned off to ensure the bristles don't scratch the flooring. Avoid using petroleum-based flooring products or wax since they tend to trap dirt into the flooring and cause them to be more susceptible to scuffs and scratches.

If you have any other questions about keeping your hardwood flooring clean and protected or would like to schedule deep cleaning services for your hardwood floors, don't hesitate to reach out to a professional residential cleaning company in your area. 

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