Keep Fruit Flies Out Of Your Home With The Right Preventive Measures

Fruit flies can be a major problem in your kitchen, during the warmer months of the year, making it so useful to spend some time exploring what you can do to make sure that fruit flies aren't going to be a problem for you. Instead of being frustrated with these pests in your kitchen, look into the following preventive actions that can be easy to take and can prevent fruit flies from becoming a major problem in your kitchen.

Thoroughly Wash Your Produce

Instead of forgoing cleaning your produce after coming home, it's important to give it a deep cleaning to remove any residue that can lead to a fruit fly infestation. With the potential of eggs being on some of your fruit, a deep cleaning can help rid of these kinds of pests and can help prevent the infestation from occurring. Deep cleaning can also make sure that your fruit is ready to eat whenever you would like.

Keep Fruits Off the Counters

While you may be used to having your fruit sitting on the counter during most of the year, this can be a problem during the warmer months, when fruit flies can be an issue. Instead of leaving fruit on the counters where they can ferment and slowly attract fruit flies, it's a good idea to place them inside the fridge, where they can be better protected. Not only will your fruit last longer, but it will be far less likely for fruit flies to become an issue in your kitchen.

Be Diligent About Cleaning the Kitchen

Leaving water stagnant in the sink and having dirty plates can quickly lead to pests and trigger a situation with kitchen flies making themselves at home. While it can be frustrating to need to be so diligent about cleaning your kitchen, you can make a big difference by keeping the space neat. Knowing what to expect, regarding keeping the kitchen clean and what kinds of cleaning solutions, can be effective can make a fruit fly infestation a non-issue. Laying out a few fruit fly traps, including vinegar, can also be a good deterrent for keeping fruit flies out of your kitchen.

With summer right around the corner, you could be feeling worried about keeping fruit flies away. Instead of forgoing having fruit in your kitchen altogether, the above tips can help make your kitchen much neater and prevent fruit flies from infesting the space. If your issues are persistent, reach out to a local pest control company.

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