Thinking About A Kitchen Redo? Modern Cabinet Trends To Consider

In most households, the kitchen is the busiest area of the home. It's where parents make that first cup of morning coffee or pour a late night glass of wine, where families gather to prepare and enjoy their meals, and where kids do their homework or crafts. This level of use is why kitchen remodels are high on the home improvement list for most families. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen soon, incorporating one or more modern cabinetry trends will help you get more user value and enjoyment from the renovation project. 

Open shelves continue to gain popularity over upper cabinets

Using open shelving instead of upper cabinets has been gaining popularity over the past few years. One reason for this is the ability to match these shelves to the wall color and make them seem to disappear--a design technique that makes the space look and feel much larger. In 2019 and beyond, this trend will continue and spread throughout the kitchen instead of being primarily used near the sink and stove. 

Sharp color contrasts for base cabinetry

In previous years, base cabinets were finished to match upper cabinetry or shelving. Often, the color choices were in an off-white, beige, or other light, earthy, or wood tone. This year, however, kitchen designers are opting to use dark or bright primary colors for kitchen base cabinets and white or light colored open shelves on top. Some designers are choosing dark browns or even black for the cabinetry and then adding brightly colored appliances to provide color contrast. 

Using complementary dark tones for counters and lower cabinets

New kitchen designs are increasingly being drawn up with counters that are still dark, like the granite and quartz counters in recent years, but with a less glossy, more muted leather-like finish. When paired with similarly toned dark base cabinets, the effect is a clear visual effect that is new and fresh. 

Using cutouts to add fresh appeal 

Another trend that is becoming popular in cabinetry is to use a conveniently placed cutout instead of traditional drawer pulls and hardware. The result is that the entire kitchen design has a cleaner profile while still being very user-friendly.

Making your kitchen work for your family is an important factor during the design phase. To get more information about modern cabinet trends and how you can best incorporate them into your new kitchen, take time to discuss your plans with a company that offers modern cabinets.

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