Reasons For Fencing In Corner Yards

If you live on a corner lot, then you may really want to think about having a fence installed. Corner lots come with some added concerns that you want to familiarize yourself with, so you will see why installing that fence is something that really should be followed through on.

More noise

When you live on a corner lot, you will hear more noise inside of your home. This noise can be extremely loud on nice days when you want to have your windows open to let fresh air in. The noise can come from all the traffic that will be going past your house. Plus, you may even hear more kids playing from a corner house, and the foot traffic will be increased as well. In order to cut down on some of that noise, you should have a wall or a solid wood fence installed.

People cutting through your yard

When you live on a corner lot, it will seem as though everyone walking by is going to want to cut through the middle of your yard in order to create their own shortcut. If these pedestrians are also walking dogs, then you may go out in your yard to find dog piles regularly. A fence will put an end to the destroying of your lawn or flower beds and help you put those dog piles to an end. Some pedestrians may even think your yard looks like a good place to ditch their trash, which can include drink containers, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, and empty cigarette packs.

Your yard may become a school bus stop

School buses tend to love using corner lots for a place to pick up and drop off students. Those kids can often be very loud in the early morning. Plus, they can also use your yard as a trash can and may even walk all over the yard, damaging grass and flowers. When you put up a fence, you will need to leave the required amount of feet unfenced so the bus can still drop them there, but they won't be able to actually get in your yard.

You will be at an increased risk of having a car land in your yard. Corner lots are more susceptible to having cars go through their yard and many times even through the house. A good fence will serve as an added cushion that may help stop the car before it reaches your home. While this may not be a very common occurrence, it does happen, and you may feel a little better knowing you are at least somewhat better protected should it happen.

Contact a fencing company for more information.

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