2 Actions You Can Take In Spring To Minimize The Spread Of Crabgrass

Every summer, you may find that your lawn becomes overrun with crabgrass and wonder if there is anything you can do to keep the weed from spreading so quickly. Besides keeping your grass cut a little longer than normal, take the following actions in spring to prepare your lawn to help minimize the spread of crabgrass.

1.  Sow New Seed on Bare Areas

While crabgrass can be an aggressive weed, it usually does not like to have to work hard to sprout and grow. It will typically seek out bare areas in your yard where it can easily take root and spread.

To take advantage of this weakness of the weed, take note of any bare areas in the early spring. Then, as soon as the last frost hits your region, sow new grass seed in these spots. 

Since crabgrass prefers the hot, dry conditions of summer, the grass seeds will have time to sprout and grow before the ideal growing time for the weed. As the grass spreads, it will take away some of the ideal ground from the crabgrass.

2.  Sprinkle Cornmeal on Your Lawn

Even if you do sow grass seed in all of the bare spots on your property, there is still a chance that a few ambitious crabgrass plants will spring up and try to crowd out the grass surrounding it. Another action you can take that will help reduce their growth is to sprinkle cornmeal on your lawn in mid to late spring.

The cornmeal serves a couple of purposes to help minimize the spread of crabgrass. First, the chemicals given off by the meal stunts the growth of the crabgrass. While the weed may still sprout, it will take it longer to grow into a healthy plant.

Second, cornmeal contains high levels of nitrogen, which is a nutrient that is essential to the growth of green, lush grass. As the cornmeal breaks down, your lawn is slowly fed, allowing it to become healthier. Since crabgrass also seeks out weak patches of grass, the nitrogen-fed blades can help fend off the offending weed and keep it from spreading.

While the above actions can help minimize the spread of crabgrass throughout your yard, this aggressive weed may still take over your lawn later in the season. To keep this from happening, contact a company that offers weed prevention services to discuss your options to keep the spread of crabgrass and other weeds at bay. For more information, check out a website such as https://www.snydersweedcontrol.com/.

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