3 Ways To Use Minky Dot Blankets Once Your Baby Has Outgrown Them

You may have gotten a few at your baby shower, and you probably adored swaddling your infant in the cuddly softness of minky dot blankets from companies such as myblanke.com right after your child was born. However, there will come a day when those cuddly soft blankets no longer fit the size of your growing little one. If your baby has outgrown the swaddling stage and no longer needs their minky blankets, these things are too cute to stow away in a plastic container with the rest of your baby keepsakes. You can actually make use of these blankets in other ways so they continue to bring plush softness to your child's life. 

Open up some of the stitches and create a pillow. 

Minky dot blankets are usually made out of two layers of fabric: one with the plush raised dots and another that is a basic sheet of cotton fabric. Because the blanket is a two-layer design, you can pop out a few stitches at a corner, fill the blanket with cotton, and then use a needle and thread to close the opening you made. Once done, your child will have an adorable, soft, and comfortable pillow that will keep them comfortable. 

Use the blankets to create a colorful wall tapestry. 

If you have multiple blankets, which is common, you can use single stitches to pin together their edges and create a colorful wall tapestry to hang on the wall in your baby's room. It is never a bad idea to hang a tapestry just behind the crib as your infant grows into a toddler who can pull themselves up and stand. They will enjoy standing up and putting little handprints all over the wall, so the minky dot tapestry will keep your walls protected from little hands that can be covered with a lot of things. 

Fold the blankets into new creations to use for nursery decor. 

There are some really creative ways to fold up baby blankets and turn them into cute creatures and cuddly animals. The soft minky fabric of your minky dot blankets mimics animal fur enough that these folded creations can turn out to be so perfect. Follow this instruction guide on how to fold receiving blankets into animals. Play around with embellishments like satin bows and googly eyes and you could end up with all kinds of cute little critters to prop up on shelves and around your baby's room. 

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