5 Mold Prevention Tips

Mold is a major concern in certain climates where moisture and humidity is high. Not only is mold unsightly and malodorous, it can also pose a health concern. Although remediation can help once mold has encroached into your home, prevention is necessary to keep the mold from coming back. The following tips can help you prevent future mold issues.

Tip #1: Invest in a dehumidifier

A whole house dehumidifier is the single best thing you can do to help minimize mold growth. Make sure that the dehumidifier you use has a drainage system installed to cut down on maintenance needs. Then, simply check it monthly and wipe down the hoses and trays with diluted bleach solution so mold doesn't grow in the device.

Tip #2: Upgrade your windows

Window can be a major cause of mold when condensation builds up on them then soaks the neighboring wood frames and wall boards. Insulated windows are the best way to cut down on condensation. You can also update the frames to vinyl, which won't be susceptible to mold even if there are condensation problems with the glass.

Tip #3: Check for leaks

The less water that makes it into your home, the less chance for mold problems. Have your roof inspected for leaks and have any repaired promptly. Water in your basement or crawlspace is another mold risk, so make sure wet sublevel issues are also repaired promptly. Finally, consider leaks inside the home. For example, a leaking waterline or an AC system that condensates in the house can also increase the risks for mold.

Tip #4: Opt for mold resistant options

Much like window upgrades, there are other options you can choose that will make your home more mold resistant. For example, use mold-killing primers first on any painted surface before applying the paint colors of your choice. Another option is cutting down on mold-susceptible soft furnishings when possible. For example, wood or metal dining chairs instead of upholstered chairs, or tile flooring instead of carpeting.

Tip #5: Increase ventilation

Ventilation is the final key is effective mold prevention. Any space that collects moisture needs to be ventilated well. This generally means that you need vent fans installed in bathrooms and the kitchen. Appliances like driers also need to be well vented to the outside so moisture doesn't collect in the home.

For more help in removing and preventing mold, contact a mold remediation service such as Safe-Way Waterproofing.

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