How Weeds Can Spoil Your Backyard Party

Your lawn is a reflection of you. The last thing you want to show your guests is an unsightly lawn. Also, the state of your lawn can affect your ability to enjoy it. However, some weeds are very difficult to control and will require repeated treatments to eliminate. Here are three ways weeds can spoil your backyard party.

Weeds Are Ugly

There is nothing more beautiful than a yard with beautiful grass that is not covered by weeds. When you introduce other plants to your yard, you want to control the type of plants you introduce and you do not want weeds that will make your yard ugly to sprout up. While a symmetrical flower bed can enhance the beauty of your yard, dandelions that sprout up all over the place will make your yard look ugly.

When your yard looks ugly, guests won't enjoy your property as much. Even if the rest of your property is well maintained, your guests will perceive your property as a whole as being poorly maintained. 

Weeds Kill Your Grass

Besides looking ugly themselves, weeds are bad for your grass. They choke your grass of nutrients and can cause unsightly brown spots. Weeds can also make it more difficult for you to grow the type of plants you'd like in your yard.

Weeds Can Be Dangerous

Weeds can also become a hazard. Some plants can become a tripping hazard. Nicely cut grass is much easier to play a game of volleyball or horseshoes on. Weeds can also attract pests that can cause stings and bites to your yard. When your yard is filled with too many bugs, you'll find it more difficult to enjoy a backyard barbecue with bugs buzzing around your food.

Get Weeds Under Control

Often it's not enough just to pull weeds up. Weeds will often do an excellent job scattering their seeds, and some weeds are able to regrow unless you are able to pull up all the roots. Instead, you'll need to apply a post-emergent herbicide that will prevent new weeds from germinating and growing in the first place.

Make sure to carefully time when you will be applying your herbicides, because some of the chemicals used to kill weeds need time to dry before you are able to safely use your yard. Because of the challenges of killing weeds with herbicides, you should consider working with professional weed control services that can identify specific weed species and use the most effective treatment methods. 

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