Ideas For Adding Decorative Outdoor Lighting To Your Property

Choosing the right decorative outdoor lighting is almost an art form. While you want lights that are functional and light up steps and walkways, you also want lights that are pretty and add a dramatic atmosphere to your yard. You'll have many choices in decorative lights. Here are some you may want to consider adding to your property.

Porch Lights

Porch lights have an important job. They provide home security and help you enter your home safely when it's dark. Just because they are very functional doesn't mean they have to be ugly. There are many attractive lights you can choose from that mount near your door. Porch lights tend to be brighter than other landscape lights because clear illumination is important in this area. To make sure the lights are always on when you need them, you may want to buy motion detection lights that come on when you approach the porch.

Walkway And Driveway Lights

Driveway lights help visitors pull into your property at night. Illuminated walkways outline paths to your door and help you avoid trip hazards. These lights are often on stakes that are driven into the ground. They can be powered by the sun to save on electricity. If you use wired lights, you may want to go with LED lighting since these lights are very durable and they last a long time before you have to change the bulbs.

Home Security Lighting

If the main reason you want lights is to increase home security, then you may want to install a variety of spotlights in your yard in a cross fashion that drives away shadows at night. You may want the light to point below windows and other entry places so there is no place for an intruder to hide. It's a good idea to finalize the placement of these lights at night so you can position the lights exactly where you want them to shine. Another idea is to use hoods on the lights so only your home is illuminated and you don't shine light into your neighbor's property or into the night sky.

Mood Lighting

If you're looking for lights to create an inviting atmosphere, then different types of mood lighting could be the answer. These lights typically use lower wattage so the light is dimmer than security lights. The lights can be mounted on a pole or tree so the light falls to the ground or the lights can be positioned on the ground to shine light onto a pretty tree or an architectural feature of your home. You can also consider string lighting or floating pool lights for your backyard when you want to create a festive mood.

For the best results, you may want to combine different types of outdoor decorative lighting to obtain the most dramatic results. The right lighting can transform the appearance of your home when the sun goes down. It gives your home a dramatic appearance while enhancing the security of your property.

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