Festive Ways To Decorate Your Fireplace For Christmas

During the cold winter months, your fireplace is the main focus of your living room, so give it a pop of festive cheer during Christmastime. You can easily transform the focal point from boring to beautiful using a few basic holiday-inspired decor and craft pieces.

Whether you have rustic brick or wrought iron, elegant marble, classic white wood or contemporary chrome fireplace, it'll be the ideal host for some holiday cheer. To blend with the overall look of your living room, use festive decorations that blend with your design style.

If the fireplace has a mantel, that will give you, even more, space to decorate. You can use the shelf to hold everything from family holiday photos in frames to fresh Christmas flowers. A mantel will especially come in a handy in a small room without much shelf space. 

Here are some ideas for decking your fireplace during the holiday season:

1. Garland

Give your living room a woodland-inspired touch by draping a fresh pine garland across the fireplace. If you have a mantel, you can simply place the garland across the top and allow it to drape down either side. If you can't find a real pine garland, look for a realistic-looking faux one. 

You can take the look a step farther by placing red ribbon bows or sprigs of red berries throughout the garland. The result will be simple and refined with plenty of old-world Christmas charm. For a more eclectic look, you can use a white, silver or gold garland to brighten up the mantel. 

2. Personal Touches

A fireplace mantel is the perfect place to display personal mementos during the holiday season. For instance, you can fill silver or gold frames with photos from past holiday celebrations, and place them across the mantel. Place festive decor, such as poinsettia plants, pine cones or whimsical snow globes, in between the frames to break up the look.

Other meaningful decor pieces include vintage crystal candle holders, cards from friends and family members, cherished ornaments or a nativity set.

3. Homemade Items

For a customized look, jazz up your fireplace with handmade items. You can fill clear glass apothecary jars with miniature gold, silver, red and green ornament balls for instant color, or small pine cones and red berries for a more natural approach.

Hang hand-decorated stockings accented with each family member's name from the fire places, and fill them with goodies on Christmas Eve. 

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