Refreshing Your Landscape With A Custom Design

Landscaping your property is a really great way to improve the curb appeal of your home or business. If your property is landscaped already, you might want to refresh the landscaping with a new look or design. This might be just the thing to attract attention to a home that is for sale or maybe just to make you feel better about your home:

Coming Up With A New Design

You can take a look at the current landscaping and determine whether you want to remove everything or rearrange what is already there. The plants that are in the current landscape may be able to be used again but if they are not healthy, it may be better to discard them and start with new ones. The hardscape may consist of rocks and stones that could be reused as well but if the design is going to change a lot, they may not be a good fit either. Take stock of what you have and then decide what is the best way to proceed.

Hiring A Landscape Designer

If you want to have the entire landscape redesigned, you can hire and landscape designer to take a look at the property and create something based on what you would like and the current layout of the property. The design may include some of the original plants and hardscape but it does not have to. Discuss the options with your designer to make a final decision. If you are including hardscape into the design, you may want to discuss using the old hardscape materials to save some money if they can be incorporated into the design.

Removing The Old Landscaping

Once the design is complete and you have the drawings or blueprints in your possession, you can start laying out the design on the ground. Remove all of the old plants, rocks, and other materials and set them all to the side while you start working on the new layout. You may even want to bring in a small loader or backhoe to move the soil around the site. If you are not comfortable laying out the new landscape, you can still remove the old stuff and get the site ready to be re-landscaped to the new design.

Hiring  A Landscape Contractor

If you are not sure you can work to the design that you have for the new landscape, you can bring in a landscape contractor to do the work. He will bring a crew, the tools needed, and will very likely be better able to source plants, stone, and other hardscape materials. He may be able to save you money on those things as well. When you start talking with the contractor, show him the design you have so he can determine if it is within the scope of what he can do in a reasonable time frame and stay in your budget.

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