Three Mistakes That Can Give Rodents Entry Into Your Garage.

Mice, rats, squirrels -- it's not pleasant to have any of these rodents inside your garage. The problem can be even more dire if you have an attached garage, since this can give these pests access to your home. Keeping rodents out of your garage isn't difficult, especially if you make the effort to avoid the following three mistakes.

#1: Leaving pet food in the garage

Food is a sure attractant to rodents. Don't leave out food or water bowls in the garage, even if your pets sometimes spend time in the room. If your pet joins you when you are working in the garage or if you allow them in the garage to provide shade when you are outside, make sure you bring in the food and water at the end of the day. Also, sweep up any spilled food. Stored food can also be an issue, whether it's pet food or wild bird seed. If you must store the food in the garage, use a metal or heavy-duty plastic can with a tight fitting lid. Bags and similar items won't work since rodents can easily chew through them.

#2: Not putting away home and garden items

Certain home and garden items that are stored in the garage can also attract rodents. The most obvious items are seeds and flower bulbs. Rodents see these as a food source and an open invitation to move in. To avoid the issue, store these items as you would animal food -- in a tightly sealed container. Old newspapers, rags, and similar items can also attract rodents, which will treat these like bedding or even a food source, depending on the material. Don't store these items in the garage and all paper items, in particular, should be kept in plastic storage tubs with lids to keep rodents away.

#3: Ignoring holes and other entry points

If a rodent can get its head through a hole, the rest of its body will also fit. Plug any holes or cracks in the walls, especially those around conduits or pipes running into the garage. If the rodents chew through your patches, stuff the holes with steel wool first and then caulk over it. Seals around windows, doors, and the garage door can also provide entry if they have worn out and left behind gaps. Replacing the rubber seals and weather stripping can help keep rodents away.

For more help, contact a pest and rodent control company in your area

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