Beautiful Ideas To Blend Landscaping With Your Patio

The patio is a transition area between your inside living and your outdoor lifestyle. However, sometimes the patio can look more like an extension of the house's interior without any real transition to the yard itself. The solution to that is to draw your landscaping onto the patio itself. By adding greenery to your living space, you create a definite connection between the patio and the yard. Create a seamless transition between the patio and the backyard by blending the landscaping across the border.

Vine-Covered Pergola

One way greenery can enhance your outdoor living is by providing shade. Home and Garden TV describes a patio with a pergola covering the kitchen and dining area. Not only does the structure provide shade, it creates an intimate feel. The ambience is enhanced by vines growing up the posts and across the lattice top. Grapevines are a traditional choice for such a pergola. However, you could choose classic ivy or a fragrant flower such as jasmine or honeysuckle.

Landscaping Screen

On a similar note, landscaping can also help shield you from neighbors' eyes. One option is to install tall plants between your patio and the perimeter of your yard. Shrubs work well, as does a screen of reeds. Another option is erecting a lattice screen and training plants to climb it. Here you want to choose leafy plants such as ivy, passionflower, or golden hops.

Container Garden

If you want to truly bring greenery onto your patio, a container garden is the solution. Start by choosing a selection of outdoor planters. You can choose different shapes and sizes, but make sure they have some connection between each other and the patio décor. For example, choose different patterns of painted ceramic planters that match colors in your patio furniture.

From there, it's a matter of filling the containers with attractive plants. If you like cooking outside, consider creating an herb container garden. Otherwise, try to choose plants that vary in height and texture so they add visual interest to your patio décor. You can even buy outdoor planters online to expand your options.

Blurred Borders

In that vein, try to blur the border between the patio and the yard altogether. For example, if you're designing a container garden, consider buying a couple planters to place in the yard itself to draw the connection between the two spaces out. Likewise, you could design a pathway into the yard out of the same material as the flooring of your patio. Another option is to install an outdoor planter on the patio that's filled with some of your landscaping plants. The point is to emphasize the connection between the patio and the yard.

Enhance your outdoor living style by blending landscaping with your patio.

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