Reducing The Dandelion Population From Your Property

If you own your own small business and you have noticed several dandelions growing in your front property, it is likely you will want to eliminate them in their entirety. Since dandelions can spread rather easily, it is important to be diligent in the way you remove them from your land. Here are some tips you can use to battle a dandelion problem so your business property remains free of these weeds.

Use The Power Of The Sun

Dandelions will thrive in areas where shade is abundant. To help in eliminating their growth, increase the amount of sunlight your business property receives. Cut back tree limbs hanging over the front of your business' property to allow ample sunlight to shine through to the ground-level. In addition, signs or statues can be moved to areas where you had not noticed dandelions in the past so they do not provide shade for dandelions to grow.

Hire A Lawn Care Service

If you have a maintenance worker do the yard work for your business property, consider increasing the number of times they need to come to your establishment to tend to the lawn. If you allow a lawn care service to trim your lawn just slightly, the extra length on each blade of grass will help in keeping the soil shaded on your property. This, in turn, will keep dandelions from growing. This will require for you to have more frequent trimmings, however. The trade off is a lush, green lawn you can be proud to show off to the community and your customers.

Extinguish Dandelions During Off Hours

When you are not open for business, take the time to do some weed control tasks. Dandelions can be pulled from the ground by hand. It is extremely important to grasp the stem in a manner where it will not break when lifting the weed from the ground, as it will grow back quickly if the entire root is not removed. Dandelion removing tools can be used to aid in lifting these weeds from soil. They consist of two pointed portion which are inserted on each side of the stem into the ground. This will lift the entire root when you push the tool toward you.

Try placing black trash bags directly over patches of dandelions during a sunny day when your establishment is closed to the public. The heat retained underneath these bags will cause dandelions to shrivel up and die. Boiled water can also be poured over dandelions to kill them effectively.

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