What Type Of Awning Should You Get For Your Patio?

Having a covered patio to sit on can be a great way to relax at the end of the day. Depending on the type of weather where you live, and your budget, there are different options for this covering. If you are looking for something that is not made of wood or will need roofing, it is time to head to an awning store. Here are some tips for choosing which of the awnings will best suit your needs:


A lot can be said of a free-standing awning. This type comes with some type of frame and legs. You can place it right against the house, and over the deck to keep the sun or weather from beating down on you. You may use stakes and guide ropes to keep it in place. This is also a good type to choose if your area is prone to high winds or other nasty weather that could rip an attached awning from the house or cause the material to break down. Another advantage is that you can move this awning around the yard if needed. You can place it over a pool (or at least a corner of the pool) to provide shade and prevent sunburns.

Mounted and Fixed

If the climate is usually mild, you may want to go ahead and have a fixed awning that is mounted to the side of your house. You will not have to worry about ropes holding it down and will have a permanent shelter from the elements. For added support, you can have poles at the front end of the awning that are embedded into the ground or concrete. You may also choose to have removable sides to this awning so that you can block the sun, rain, or wind from the sides as well as from above.


When you have concerns that a fixed awning may end up being damaged by strong winds, a retractable awning may be the answer. This type of cover has a casing that is attached to the side of your house that holds the rolled up awning. Legs are connected to the front of the awning that can be snapped into holders on the side of the house when it is retracted. You may want to have holders installed on the front of the deck to hold these legs in place when you pull the awning out. You will have the option of having a motor installed to pull out the awning, or you can do it manually.

Take accurate measurements of the area you want the awning to cover before you go shopping. Ask the salesperson about the different types of awning materials so you are sure to have one that will be strong, and not weaken because of the sun constantly beating on it. 

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