4 Ways Custom Wall Decals Can Help Your Business

If you think custom wall decals are something designed and produced with children's rooms, in-home family areas, and elementary school classrooms in mind, it may be time to revisit the subject with an eye for how these products may work in your company. Following are four ways that these products can enhance and promote your business. 


If you're like most small business owners, you would love to have a beautiful, custom designed mural as a creative representation of your company's primary goals and values but find the price of an individual artist a little too steep for your liking. That's where custom decals come in — you can choose from thousands of images or work with professional graphics artists to create your own. Stunning wall decor creates a personalized ambiance that customers will come to associate with your products and services. Unlike a traditional painted mural, one created using custom wall decals won't involve paint splatter or other types of messes. Murals aren't just limited to walls only though — many modern businesses are choosing to decorate their floors using this method. Because they are easy to clean and stand up well to foot traffic, you won't have to worry about them becoming unsightly due to being walked on. When you decide you need something fresh, you can remove the decals and replace them with very little time and fuss. 

Mission Statements

Besides graphics, custom wall decals can also be comprised solely of text. Perhaps you want to display your company's mission statement in a highly visible area where it will serve not only as an informational tool for potential customers, but also as a reminder to employees of company aspirations and philosophy. For instance, you might choose to display a wall decal featuring your mission statement in the lobby of your business where it is visible to customers and another in the employee break room. You can choose from a variety of fonts, from simple and straightforward to artistic and eye-catching. 

Company Logos

One of the main objectives of business branding is training the public to associate a certain image with the products and services your business provides and represents. Displaying your company logo is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal. Choose one or more visible spots on your wall to place a high quality decal bearing your logo and watch your recognition grown. 

General Decor

Need general decor accents but don't want to go for a full blown mural? Custom decals can provide the visual interest that you need to give your business a personalized look. If you've got a bakery, for instance, you can use custom wall decals to have cute little dancing cupcakes on your walls, or if you've got a plant nursery, you can decorate the walls of your retail space with decals depicting flowers, plants, and trees. One of the main advantages of using custom wall decals is that you can switch them out to make your decor reflect seasonal changes. You can simply store the decals that you aren't using. If you haven't saved their original lining, you can use plain wax paper. Simply apply them to the liner and paper, taking care not to allow any wrinkles or ripples to form. After pressing them down flat, roll them up in cardboard tubing, apply identifying labels and place them in your storeroom for safekeeping until you are ready to use them again. 

Contact a company like Wall Written to learn more about custom wall decals and how you can use them around your business spaces for decoration and greater brand recognition.

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